Project Revitalize 

As we are nearing the end of April, I’m starting my Spring Cleaning. I’m committed myself to eliminate what isn’t necessary. Each room, closet, cabinet, nook and cranny will be throughly gone thru, cleaned, and organized. I’m on a mission!

While going thru the books in the kids desk, I found it; what I’ve been ignoring. 

My New Years Resolutions. 

I always write them down as that seems to help me actually achieve them. This year, writing them down just turned it into a beautiful coloring page for my daughters. 

It’s almost May, and I haven’t done almost any of my resolutions. I put the paper to the side, kept doing what I’m doing, then a thought came to me. Why do I always put so much pressure on myself at the New Year to accomplish things I can do anytime? Obviously my mind wasn’t ready to even think about doing anything let alone actually do it. But I’m in a better place now than I was in January with my PPDA. Let’s re-evaluate these resolutions and see what I can really do!

When I set my mind to a goal, there’s always a word that sticks with me. Something that, in a sense, helps set the starting  point and keeps motivating me. This word came to me like a cat when it hears their treat bag. Fast and obvious. 


That’s my word. Here’s how I’m going to revitalize myself:

Revitalize physically through healthier eating. 2016 was a year of incredible joy being pregnant with Giovanni and then giving birth to him in October. But as it  turns out, growing this beautiful life and providing all he needs through nursing makes a person ravenous. And when you’re ravenous all the time, it’s all too easy to develop poor eating habits. By now (he’s almost 7 months), I am eating whatever my body craved and, in all honesty, whatever was the quickest and cheapest. I’ve been feeling completely lethargic, grumpy, and not myself. So, I’m taking steps toward healthier eating through portion control and clean eating. I’ve always felt my best when I ate clean, and it’s truly no harder than loading three kids into the mini van and taking them to Burger King. 

Revitalize through exercise. My body has not “bounced back” as quickly (or easily) as I had hoped it would after having Giovanni. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been eating the healthiest, nor following a healthy lifestyle in the least. I’ve been avoiding scales and jeans for far too long. Its time to do something about it. And in addition to revitalizing my body with healthy, clean foods, I know I need to revitalize my body with regular exercise. I will be getting back into my daily yoga practice, as well as restart Beachbody’s PiYo. Time to start getting my energy back and maybe loose a few LBs in the process. 

Mental revitalization through more books, less screen-time. With all the exhaustion that came with being mom of three, hauling my oldest to and from school, and all of my kids activities, I’d often resort to mindless browsing on my phone (Pinterest addict 🙋🏻) or a Fixer Upper binge simply because it was all I felt I could handle mentally. But rather than veg out during my down time, I want to get back into my love for reading. I’m committing myself to spending less time looking at screens and more time stimulating my mind with good literature. Starting with a great personal development, Hands Free Mama. (Psst! Any “must-reads,” I should know about? Comment below!)

Revitalize my marriage. I will say, I have an amazing marriage. My husband and I are the best of friends and best of team mates. Our problem is we don’t have much alone time. Between three busy children and a crazy work schedule, we’re lucky to get a half hour alone. I vow to make our time alone, no matter how little, more special. You can never be too close to your spouse, right?! 

Revitalize my “projects”. I’m going to call them projects. My many “businesses” per day. Most have been neglected for far too long and something in me is pushing to get them revitalized! I will pour more energy into them and make them flourish! Also, I have a new adventure I’m currently working on I cannot wait to share! My many “projects” aren’t necessarily to make tons of income (would be nice, of course), but it’s something that’s mine. Majority of the time I’m all mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Come the end of the day, there’s nothing that’s mine. Except these “projects”… I will be bringing them back to life and sharing on my blog page, so stay tuned!

Last, but not least…

Revitalize the homefront. Throughout the years, many moves, and three kids later, we’ve collected more “stuff” than should be legally allowed. We have a problem. Being that it’s Spring Cleaning time, I’m going room by room, inch by inch, going thru everything. If something hasn’t been touched in years, sell or donate. If it’s broken, trash. No more excuses as to why we need to keep so much “stuff”. Minimalist lifestyle. That’s the goal. Less “stuff” to maintain and clean, more time to live and enjoy life with our babies. 

My New Years Resolutions will be no more.. they are my goals. Period. I will accomplish them. I will revitalize my life. My struggle is I am a perfectionist, but I’m also a procrastinator. So I push things off until I know I can do it perfectly. I have to teach myself it will only get “perfect” if I try and try harder, not by sitting back and waiting. 

Today’s the day. Today change will happen. Praying for God to be by my side and to help me stay strong. Praying I have the support at home to revitalize our lives. I feel it in my bones something amazing is about to happen, and if I sit here and wait, it will just pass by!


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