Why I do spirit days at school…

Yesterday marked 100 days of school for my oldest daughter. 100 days in Kindergarten! So, the kids got the chance to dress up like they’re 100 years old. We got her all dressed up and she was totally loving it!

My daughter yesterday morning for her 100th day of school. Looking like a little old Italian lady!

I was rather disappointed to see less than half of the Kindergarteners were dressed up. Then, I saw a little boy bawling his eyes out because his mom didn’t dress him up, in which she tells him “We don’t do these stupid things.”  


Now, I’m not one to force my children to do things they don’t want. When we were told they could dress up, I explained it to her and told her what we could do. She helped me pick out her outfit, I did her hair, and she wanted to wear her favorite glasses from her science kit. It was a fun thing to do together. Most importantly, she wanted to dress up! If she told me she didn’t want to, I wouldn’t force her to. Spirit days are meant to be fun!

But to tell your child having school spirit is “stupid” made me very upset. Is it because you don’t want to take the time to dress your child up? Is it because you truly don’t care? 

First, I must say this. As parents, the most important people in our children lives, we are their biggest role models. We are to model the behavior we want to see from them. Something like encouraging positive spirit for school,  helps build a positive school atmosphere, which leads to a happier more productive learning environment. We want our children to succeed and love school, so when they get the opportunity to do something to show off their spirit and have fun, encourage them to participate! 

After yesterday and seeing the little boy crying about not participating in the 100th day celebration, mostly after hearing what his mother had said, I began reading. I read numerous studies, all positive reasons to encourage spirit in school. 

  1. It can improve a students committment to their education, making them better academically. 
  2. It creates a positive learning environment, which can make going to school even more exciting!
  3. It can make them more engaged in social and civic matters. 
  4. It can make students greater achievers. 
  5. It makes a student more creative and unique. 
  6. Overall, can make them happier in general. 

When our children become adults and have grown up participating in school spirit, it can reflect in their work ethic. I have seen it growing up. Students who dressed up for spirit week and cheered on their schools team, are today the employees that go above and beyond, that take an extra assignment to help the team, who are big team players. The ones who never showed school spirit go to work to do the bare minimum and never exceed expectations. 

I know it seems extreme to compare school spirit to work ethic, but it’s one in the same. In school, you’re not making a pay check but making grades. And working hard and striving to be the best gets you the best grades. In the work force, your not making grades per say but a paycheck. You work hard to fulfill your commitment to your company and go above any beyond to help your team. It’s the same! 

We need to encourage our children at a young age to be involved in activities, inside and outside of school! We need to encourage our children to be the best versions of themselves, even if it’s shown thru wearing a crazy hair style!  Encourage to love learning and that going to school isn’t something to dread but something to be excited for! School spirit is the foundation for so many other extremely important aspects in our children’s lives! 

So, yes, I’m that mom. I encourage school spirit and strive to create a positive experience for my children in every aspects of their lives, especially their education. I know it’s important, but it’s a lot of fun too!


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