My Nautical Nursery

I’ve mentioned before how I LOVE anchors. I mean, I do call my blog the Anchor Mom. So, it’s no surprise I wanted to incorporate anchors into my baby boys nursery and baby shower (baby shower post will be later, so stay tuned!).

When I had Gabriella, we were in a rental. Then, I had Sofia, she came so early, I hadn’t even started thinking of how I wanted her room decorated, let alone even set up the crib! We were limited on the things we were able to do. Set the crib up, dresser, changing table, and hung curtains and some art work. Nothing fancy. Sofia, we just purchased our house (literally signed for our house while she was in the NICU), so we eventually were able to paint it how I wanted. But, besides paint and a few decorative pieces, even her nursery was more for function than design. 

I could have done way better with both nurseries. More thought and planning I could have done way more. I also think most of it was I never truly felt like it was our forever home or settled in a sense. I had a vision for Giovanni’s room long before I knew he was a boy! Anchors. It had to include anchors.  

This room was so much fun to do. Anyone who knows me knows I love interior design (wish I could make this a career or something!), but, you also know, I’m extremely frugal. I cannot justify spending $800 on bedding or $1200 for a stroller. Not knocking you if you do! It’s just not me. I love deals! Coupons, resale items, sales, any kind of deal! I’ll come back to this in a moment!

I wanted white furniture. Something about crisp white with the pale blue and gray is so calming to me. I stumbled onto this crib on Craigslist by accident! Perfect condition! AND came with a toddler conversion kit! Score!

It took me a long time to decide what to do above his crib. Walking thru Hobby Lobby, I found this oar. Was 50% off! Yes please! It is the right colors and went with my theme! I also found this anchor, which I painted navy and these boards, which I made into a sign and painted on “No Wake Zone”. Cute right? Again, deals! All wood products were 50% off! Triple score!

The bedding. At first, I just wanted a solid color, nothing fancy. But, while shopping at Babies R Us with a gift card we were given, I found this and the crib skirt. Both on CLEARANCE! 40% off original price. And it had anchors! 

This is by far my favorite corner in his room. Maybe cause I know I’ll be spending a lot of time here, between feeding and rocking Giovanni to sleep. 

This glider was given to me by an amazing friend who was clearing out things she wasn’t using anymore. It was originally a creamy color. We found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and was in love. And, again with the deals, I was able to use the 40% off coupon to buy it! Sewed it on the cushions and BAM! Brand new glider. 

I saw an idea like this on Pinterest. It’s so nautical, yet rustic, and you always need a shelf for knick knacks! Originally, we were going to make it, but I found it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off original price, which was less than what we could make it for! One thing I did pay full price for was the rope ties that hold the shelf up top. I made that little sailboat and letter “G”. The other knick knacks were either gifts or found online at online garage sale sites. 

His dresser was another find from an online garage sale site. We had to paint it white to match the other furniture and added monkey fist drawer pulls.


On top of his dresser, one of my favorite pieces in his nursery, the diaper boat! Eek! A good friend gave me this as a gift and I love it! I love having a place to put the diapers, while still adding a nice decoration piece to the room!

Changing table! I had fun with this little area! The changing table I found on an online garage sale site, super cheap! We needed to add shelves (thank God for my amazing husband). I made the “Poop Deck” sign, and printed the pictures from Pinterest (you can find so many different styles here!). The anchor towel and towel holder were also a gift!

More anchors! The changing table cover I found. I couldn’t resist. The beautiful crochet outfit was a gift from my amazing sissy from another missy! She also made the beautiful rug and another artwork you’ll see in just a second. 

Lastly, the wall by his closet. I made this sign in sheet for the baby shower, which everyone put their thumb print and signed their name on it. The little sign on it says “You are whaley loved, Giovanni Michael”. The artwork above my amazing dog made as well!

That’s his nursery! Only thing missing is baby Giovanni! Now, I must reveal that pain to, furniture, decor pieces, and everything costs us less than $300! It is possible to have your dream nursery or room with everything you could have ever wanted without breaking the bank! If you ever want help or ideas, please feel free to email me! I’d love to make your vision a reality! 

I hope you enjoyed viewing my baby boys nursery! I would love to hear what you think! 


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