Tooth Fairy UPDATE!!

I posted recently about how my daughter had a loose tooth and we made a fun Tooth Fairy Bag. 

Well, last week, she lost her tooth! Yay!

She was so excited about it, as she should be! It’s crazy to me how fast she is growing up! I know, it’s just a tooth, but it’s also another stepping stone towards becoming this beautiful little lady.

Excitement after the tooth came out!


I think I was more excited about playing tooth fairy than her thinking the tooth fairy was coming. LOL Although, right after it fell out, she wanted to go straight to bed. 

The too the fairy gave her 5 $1 bills. I lightly sprayed with hairspray and sprinkled glitter on them. Yes, I know some think $5 may be a lot, but she deserved it. She is so good at sticking to her dental routine. Brushes at least twice a day, flosses every night, without fail. Plus, no cavities, ever! So, the tooth fairy rewarded her for all of her hard work. 

I found this cute certificate on Pinterest. Printed it on cardstock, added her name, and the date. 

Also, another amazing find on Pinterest. This adorable tooth fairy receipt (which the tooth fairy marked the wrong tooth 😧). There’s also a matching tooth record you can print to keep a record of what tooth was lost and when. Also found this cute letter from the tooth fairy. Both free printables that I printed on cardstock to make it more official!

How the tooth fairy displayed everything. The bag was under her pillow but we moved it to display it. 

Capture the Magic: had to capture this amazing moment!

I discovered this website last Christmas, Capture the Magic. For a small price, you can add the tooth fairy into a picture of your babe sleeping! I told her I have no idea how it got on my phone! She was shocked! Makes it so much more special!!

She was a very happy girl in the morning. I think, though she won’t admit it, she was hoping for a toy. But we were able to buy something she really wanted with her money. It took her three days and two trips to the store before deciding. LOL She decided on a Monster High blind bag and a Hello Kitty cup. 

We had so much fun playing tooth fairy! She has another loose tooth (the one right next to the one she lost) so it is just a matter of time before the tooth fairy makes another appearance. Won’t be as fancy as this, though. We’ll leave money and a receipt. Although, if a tooth is lost during Christmas time while our Elf is here, it may be made extra special somehow. We’ll have to wait and see!

Isn’t she so pretty?! Hehe

How have you played the tooth fairy?


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