Our Tooth Fairy Bag

We have been on Vacation the last few days. Enjoying our last full week before dance season begin and our oldest daughter, Gabriella, starts Kindergarten. When we got home, we were welcome to a few surprises!

  1. Gabriella’s school uniforms have arrived. 
  2. Gabriella has her first loose tooth!

So much happening this month for my Gabriella! She’s moving up into another level of acrobatics. She’s starting Kindergarten. And now, she’s loosing her first tooth! 

Before picture. Still waiting on the tooth to fall out! 

I’ve told you I’m a huge crafter. I love making fun arts and crafts, especially when it comes to my children! I’m also the mom that goes all out for every event!  Whether it’s a birthday, starting school, or now, loosing a tooth! I’m so excited to be able to play Tooth Fairy! I wanted something cute for her to put her tooth in. So I started brainstorming….

My girls sleep in bunk beds, and Gabriella is on top. Our luck, she’d put her tooth under the farthest pillow from the edge and closet to the wall, making it incredibly difficult for the Tooth Fairy to get to. So, what could we do that would be fun, cute, and easy to get to?

I love the idea of the tooth pillows. I’m not the best seamstress, so I knew the idea of me making one was out. And, as I’ve mentioned, I love crafts; I would rather make something than buy it whenever possible. So what else? What about a tooth bag? A cute little bag that hangs off her bed that she can put her tooth into! Perfect! 

Now time to explore Hobby Lobby and see what I can find! I had in mind a tan canvas tote bag. They’re easy to paint and personalize. Plus, they come in every size! Then, I found these!

4 Colorful Drawstring Pouches and they’re 5 inches by 6 inches! Big enough for a tooth, of course, but as well as for the Tooth Fairy to leave Gabriella a present. And I loved how there’s 4, so I can make these for my younger children, just save them for a long time until it’s needed LOL. 

I get home and start working. First I grab all the paint I’m going to use. Then, I cut out a good template for the tooth. Placed the template on the bag, outlined the template with white paint, then paint inside the outline!


Template on top of bag

Painted tooth!

So far, I’m loving it! But I need to make it more personal. I asked Gabriella what she thought it needed. “A crown of course!” I know she’s thinking cause she thinks she’s a Princess it needed a crown, but adding a crown to a tooth made me giggle. And finished it off with a big “G”.

Isn’t it cute? It’s super easy and Gabriella loves it! Now we’re just waiting on her tooth to fall out to use it! Stay tuned!!


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