31 Day Challenge – Day 31

Day 31 – Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? Why did I start this blog?

Well, for as long as I can remember, I always loved to write stories, poems, share my experiences, and anything I could put on paper. As I got older (and added more kids to my crazy life), I lost touch with my writing. The journals sat there collecting dust. The fun pens would dry out from not being used.

It became very depressing. 

But then, one night after my two daughters screaming and fighting with each other over who got to pick the movie, I realized, I was just a mom. Not that it’s a bad thing at all being a mom! It’s the most glorifying job you could ever have. What I’m saying is that is all I was. I wasn’t much of a friend these days (my friends are either busy with their own kids or don’t have any so they stopped inviting us to clubs and parties knowing we’d just say no), my once hobbies changed into hobbies I could incorporate with my daughters, and my love for reading and writing changed from being able to read/write what I wanted to reading/writing what my daughters asked for or we were doing in school. 

So, rather than sit there depressed about how I “lost” touch with myself and knowing it’s going to be harder to find again with another baby on the way, I thought of what I could do to be me again. Then I thought I’d create this blog. 

This blog allows me to write about my experiences and lessons I learn making my way along thru this journey of life. I feel more freedom to take pictures again and share them. I feel like I’m able to get back into MY kind of crafting (as well as with my children), and share what we create. I have the energy to get my yogi self back and share my practice. I feel more excited to write again. I feel with this blog I found my passion for everything that makes me me. 

So why do I write this blog? It’s mostly for myself, I’m not going to lie. To be able to express myself and share things with everyone makes me excited. I’m also grateful for the little I’ve shared so far, I’ve received more messages than I’ve ever imagined about how funny or inspirational my posts have been. To be able to share with you and have people enjoy what they’re reading is even more amazing.

I do hope that as I continue with this blog, I can make you laugh, make you try new projects or recipes, inspire you to do something new or challenging, and so much more! 

Do you have anything you’d love to see in my blog in the future?


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