31 Day Challenge – Day 28

Day 28 – What are you looking forward to?

I’m always looking forward to the future. There’s always so much happening. Being a mother, I’ve seen so much change and growth. From my oldest growing from a newborn baby to this beautiful little lady. My youngest daughter being in an incubator for 10 days to this amazing spunky three year old. Life happens whether we’re ready for it or not, but one things certain, the best is yet to come!

For me, I have a lot to be excited about, this year alone! 

My Gabriella is starting kindergarten at the end of August at such a fantastic school. It’s a charter school with a major emphasizes on their art programs. Gabi loves everything art related; dancing, singing, acting, crafting, everything. This school is going to be a perfect fit for her! I’m nervous, though. She’s never been away from us for more than a few hours. School will be all day for five days. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot harder on me than her for sure!

Speaking of school, my Sofia will officially start Preschool, at the end of August as well. This will be homeschool based with mommy, like I’ve done with Gabriella, at Taravella Preschool. She’s excited to have school time (more focused on her than before!) and yet, stays home with mommy. She picked out a Finding Dory backpack and folder, and the craziest  colored pencils. It’s so neat seeing her feel so grown up and ready for this new chapter. And I’m excited to be able to help her grow further. 

I’ve mentioned how excited we are for the birth of our baby boy in October. I love having my two princesses, but to have a little boy, makes our family feel perfectly complete! We have our baby shower at the end of August, which gives me more than a month to “nest”. It’s going to be a totally different world, for sure. I know all there is to know about girls, but boys seem so foriegn. I’m sure it will all come to me naturally, like it has raising my girls. I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m excited to be a mother of three. I’m sure it will be crazy, but worth every minute. I’m excited to see my daughters as big sisters to a baby brother. I love how they interact with my belly and react when he moves for them, I cannot imagine how they’ll be when he’s actually here! 

I’m looking forward to so much that’s going to happen to our family, in the next few months alone! I’m excited to have this blog and be able to share our journey and adventures with you all. I do hope you’ll continue to follow me and support me as you have been! The love and support I’ve been shown in such a short time has been amazing. I’m looking forward to watching my blog continue to grow. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for my family and I. 


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