31 Day Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 – 5 Favorite Blogs

What got me into wanting to have my own blog was seeing how inspirational other blogs are. Some blogs have given the best advice when I needed it, made me laugh when I wanted to cry, gave me great tips for decor, recipes, crafts, etc., and so much more. I hope to one day be as inspirational as the other blogs are to me. Here are my 5 top favorites:

  1. Shifting My Perspective: I love this blog because she puts her faith in the center and uses it to be an amazing mother. Check out Shifting My Perspective!
  2. Let’s Learn with Style: I enjoy this blog because she has a passion for teaching children in a fun way. They’re always on adventures and doing fun crafts, things my family and I love to do as well! Check out Let’s Learn with Style!
  3. Elephant Journal: I first discovered this blog on Instagram. I love the yoga and family posts. The best part about this blog is they remind me to live in the moment. Check out Elephant Journal
  4. Her Soul Out Loud: I first starting following Anita on Facebook because she’s such an inspiration. Between faith and fitness, she always motivated me. But she is also real and raw, it’s hard not to love her blog. Check out Her Soul Out Loud!
  5. Bikini Body Mommy: A good friend of mine introduced me to this vlog after I had Sofia. This mom is always has amazing fitness and nutrition challenges. Such motivation!! And did I mention, she’s hilarious? Highly recommend! Check out Bikini Body Mommy!

Do you have a favorite blog? I’d love to explore new ones!


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