31 Day Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 – What Do I Collect

This post took me a minute. What do I collect? I don’t think I really collect much of anything, then, I saw my bookcase(s). 

I am not one for digital books. I can’t read books on my phone or tablet. It’s not the same. I need physical books, real pages to turn. I prefer true paper or hardback books in my hands. 

I have three book cases. One in my dining room, loft, and bedroom. All full of books. A nice mix of mine, some cookbooks, some children’s books. I love personal development, romance novels,  non-fiction books. When I say romance, I mean like cheesy love stories, not so much ones centered around sex kind of romance. I’ve tried to read mystery and science fiction, I just never could get into them. 

I’m very funny with my books. If I have a book I absolutely love, it will find a forever home on my bookcase, so that I may be able to read it again and again and again. But, it I barely made it thru the book, I will donate it. Then there’s those personal development and non-fiction books. The ones that I felt I gained so much from, I’ll give to someone who I think will also benefit from. Unless, I highlighted and wrote all over it LOL. 

I love my books. I love to read. I love that my girls love to read and be read to. I think it’s so important to read. It’s great for increasing knowledge and vocabulary, reducing stress, mental stimulation, improves focus and memory, and so much more! Start you kids young. Get them into loving to reading at a young age! I started reading to my girls before they were born! It helps in so many ways, socially, academically, and creates a bond I can’t really explain. So yes, I love my books, but I love what they have taught my family and I more. 


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