31 Days Challenge – Day 17

Day 17 – Proudest Moment

I’m sorry I’m a day late on posting this. I have been experiencing an astronomical amount of pain lately and have been neglecting a few of my priorities! But I’m here and ready to continue this blog challenge!!

So, the challenge is to say what my proudest moment is… Having two amazingly talented little girls, I experience so many proud moments. From watching them sing in the choir at church, performing their dance moves on stage in front of hundreds of people, to standing up to bullies… I’m am one proud mama. 

There’s one memory of both my girls that makes me so proud I would love to share with you…

One night, our family went to the softball field, as we do every week. A few guys from our team bring their kids and they all play so great the whole time. Myself and a few other moms watch them closely, but let them have fun, get dirty, and play until it’s time to leave. 

This night was a little different than normal. There was a little boy from another team that wanted to play with our kids. No big deal, he was close to the age of a couple of our kids, and they seemed to be getting along just fine. 

Then, I notice this boy getting a bit rough. 

I’m maybe 20 feet from our kids (by then, it was my two girls and an older girl from our team). I’m seeing the look on my oldest’s, Gabriella, face. She looked sad and hurt. I see my youngest, Sofia, looking angry, and the older girl looking shocked. I step a step or two closer and can hear this boy telling my Gabi how “stupid” she is, he’s going “to punch her in the face”, he “hates” her, just absolutely mean and horrible things. My mama bear instinct wanted to step in so bad, but with her starting school soon and will be faced with these types situations… I won’t always be there. So, I stayed close enough to intervene if I needed to, but needed to see how she handled it. 

He went on for a few minutes. I see Gabi toughen up, grow a smirk on her face, then steps up to the boy. He quieted quickly, like he was shocked she stepped up to him. She looked him dead in the eye and said, “You can say whatever you want, you don’t hurt me. Cause God protects me and He doesn’t like bullies.” And she walks away. 

Every part of me was jumping for joy, so so proud of her! Knowing he’s nothing but a bully who’s trying to hurt with words. Also knowing God’s with her everywhere, keeping her safe. 

Then I see Sofia still standing there. She still looked very mad. Mind you, she’s only three. I start walking to her. She gets as close as possible to this boy, looks up at him, mean mugging LOL And yells “Never ever mess with my sister! Ladies don’t start fights but we can sure finish them!” (A quote from “Arisocats!)

It took everything in me not to laugh my booty off. But again. So proud. She wasn’t afraid of some boy double her size and was going to protect her sister. That made me proud. 

My girls. There’s so much in these angels of mine to be proud of. Words cannot explain how proud they make me in everything they do. I may have given them life, but they give me a reason to live! 


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