31 Days Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 – Bucket List

Today’s challenge asks me to state what is on top of my bucket list. As much as I want to say travel to exotic places, swim with the Dolphins, etc, my biggest goal in life is to live each moment to the fullest. My goal is to create a life for my family and I that we don’t need a vacation from. 

I would love to take my children to Disney World, on a Disney cruise, backpack thru Europe, all of it… But if we come home to a boring, just barely exsisting life, what’s the fun in that? 

We live every day in our house like its a vacation. Every activity or event is always bigger and better than the last. We run around so busy every minute living our lives that we don’t have time to fret on things we should have done or places we should have gone. We think about how to make the next moment bigger and better than the last. 

I do dream of traveling all over, owning a vacation home, writing a book, etc., but I know those are just a few moments in life. What happens between and after those are truly what matters. Live each moment to the fullest. Never hold back. Even the trip to the grocery store can hold a memory in our hearts forever. Make the most of this beautiful life we’ve been blessed with. Live your dream. 

Live in the front row!!


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