31 Days Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 – Timeline of my day

Today’s been a busy day. It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday party!!

  • 6:20am: Wake up, morning routine (brush hair, brush teeth, get dressed, make coffee). 
  • 7:00am: Start on laundry and decorate a little bit. We have an Elf on the Shelf (her name is Jovie) who comes back for birthdays. She comes on our kid’s birthday and stays until their birthday party. Well she “decorated” a little bit today hehe Here’s a preview of what she did. This is the dessert table. 

Can you find Jovie in the picture?

  • 8:00am: Girls wake up. We see what Jovie did, do their morning routine (get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast), play a little playdoh, and help mommy cleanup and put their laundry away. 
  • 10:00am: Get into the car and run a few errands. Needed a few more decorations, snacks, food, etc. 
  • 12:30pm: Make and eat lunch. 
  • 1:30pm: Pick up cake and cupcakes. This is the first year I didn’t make the birthday cake. I feel bad, but it’s too hot and I’m too pregnant to stand in the kitchen for two days to bake πŸ˜”. My youngest was able to pick out which one she wanted and decide the colors, so she was very excited. Felt like the big kid she is. 
  • 1:45pm: Get ready for party!
  • 3:00pm: PARTY TIME!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ
  • 9:30pm: Party ends… My youngest does her bedtime routine (bath, PJs, brush teeth, read a book, pray, and watch a movie until they crash). My oldest went to her besties house for a sleepover!!
  • 10:15pm: Mommy and Daddy enjoy the quiet and relax. 

Busy day with prepping, partying, and cleaning up! But it was worth every bit of it. Including my severe sciatica pain LOL 


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