31 Day Challenge – Day 14

Day 14 – If I Won the Lottery

What would I do if I won the lottery?

Well, I’m not one to gamble. Oh no! A Las Vegas local who doesn’t gamble? Yes… I see so many people in this town put so much money into machines or on a table and walk away empty handed. I’d rather save my money than attempt to double it at a table. BUT… If I were to play the lottery… I have thought about the possibility of winning the lottery and what I would do with the money. 

To start, I would pay off my house and car. I would fix up my husband’s truck. Definitely buy him a much deserved new sports car, like a Mustang or Camero. I would remodel my house. I dream of one day redoing my entire kitchen, putting new flooring downstairs, building built ins in the family room, and creating an extra large pantry in place of my little one. I would add a patio cover in my backyard. Possibly buy new patio furniture, as well. 

I would take my family on a few vacations. Disney World, Disney Cruise, and Italy would be top three choices. 

I would put money away for my kids. To secure they have a good future. Money towards college, first car, and little extra to use how every they please. 

I would save the rest as much as possible. To live an easy and carefree life. No stress about paying bills or buying groceries. I don’t need much, just comfort and happiness. 


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