31 Day Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – Earliest Childhood Memory

What is my earliest childhood memory?

I want to say I was about 3… I remember getting into my Grandpa’s car with my brother. I remember the smell. It was a combination of Old Spice and cigarette smokes. My grandpa was wearing a light blue shirt with dark blue slacks. 

We drove from his house to the airport. We would do this all the time. Sit at the viewing parking lot to watch airplanes land and take off. He would always carry Werther’s Original hard candies. 

I don’t remember much conversation. I do remember the smells, the tastes of the candies, and feeling so calm and happy. 

My grandpa loved us kids so much. I remember that feeling he made me feel everytime we were together. Even though he’s gone, I look back at our memories or old photos and can feel that love, smell his smell, and taste those candies all over again. 

What’s your earliest memory?


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