31 Days Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – Worst Habits

What are my worst habits? Well, that depends on what people define as a “bad habit”. I would say bad habits are anything that aren’t apart of your normal every day practices that can waste your time and energy, as well as can possibly hurt your health, both mentally and physically. Bad habits happen when you’re nervous, bored, stress, etc. 

My worst habit would be:

  • I chew my lip when I’m stress or overthinking. 
  • Not texting back. I don’t mean to, really, I truly don’t!!
  • I have a tendency of procrastinating. I tend to start so many projects at once, they don’t always get finished. 
  • Abandoning books. Some books take a bit longer to get me “sucked in” and I sometimes walk away before. I always come back to the book, j really do! Just later…. 
  • Can be a couch potato. When my DVR is overloaded with my shows, my girls are into whatever they’re doing or napping, I’ll grab some popcorn and veg out for hours. 
  • I don’t know how to be selfish. I’m always putting my husband and children first and foremost. I don’t mind, though. The extra hugs and kisses are all the payment I need. 

That’s it. Those are my “worst” habits. I’m not a smoker or big drinker. I tend to eat healthy with the occasional cheat meal. For the most part. My “worst” habits are more mentally damaging than anything else. 

What is your worst habit?


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