31 Day Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – What are my fears?

This one is a tough one… To acknowledge what scares me in life I think is a fear in itself. 

The biggest fear in life is something happening to my children or husband. From something small like getting sick to something serious I can’t even mention… I’ve seen so much horrible things in my life, between growing up in Vegas, social media, and the news, I’m scared of anything bad happening to my loves. 

Not just my children and husband. Any of my family or friends. Anyone I love and care about. I don’t want anyone to go thru anything bad… I wish I could wrap everyone I love into a bubble and keep them safe forever. But what fun is life if we don’t live it?

Another fear of mine, kind of falls into the same category, would be something happening to me and I’m unable to care for my children or husband. I’m a natural born caregiver. My job in life was to care for others. And to think of the possibility I would be unable to care for my family, terrifies me. What if no one else can? Or if someone could, could they care for them like I do?

That’s my biggest fears in life. I’m not one to care about what happens if we can’t pay our bills, how bad I could age, or anything like that. I like to think of myself as a very optimistic person (which is one of many reasons why this post was incredibly difficult for me). I tend to be very hopeful and confident in the future regardless of what is laid out in front of me. There’s so much beauty and amazing things happening in this life. To worry about things we can’t control or even things that, in the end, aren’t that big of a deal, is wasting this life God has blessed us with. And to worry about the things we CAN control… If you can control the situation, you can change the outcome to be the right one. May be hard work, but hard work always pays off!! I do know there is bad in this world, but I’m not going to sit around, dwell on it, and stress myself out about what may never even happen.

I hope and pray you will do the same. 


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